a short film by Tino Franco, made in Italy, 2002 - 35mm (1:85) - colour - English language - 21 min.



MADPOT Film Design Studio
21st Century Design

MadPot Film Design Studio is a unit
of the 21st Century Design,
based in Rome, Italy.

MadPot Film Design Studio
is a film production and pre-production lab,
where experiments in visual language
are balanced by design logic and sense of humour
- and great passion for cinema.

MadPot FDS
is a texture of skills and disciplines
is new in the design scene
is unique in cinema production





Mad Pot Film Design Studio:

Executive Production
Concept Design, Visual Development
Pre-production support
Production Design
Special Effects
Set Design
Animation puppets
Stop-motion animation

via Fabiola, 47
00152 Rome, Italy
ph +390658203598
fax +390658203598


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